Recruitment principles


Etap pierwszy

Rekrutacja - ikonka
Expression of interest to enroll a student by phone online application form or personally.
Telephone: +48 577 755 001 E-mail:
Umiędzynarodowienie, języki obce i szkoły partnerskie
Payment of the registration fee
Interview of the School Head with the parents and the student – creation of the Recruitment Card
Meeting with a school psychologist
Test of knowledge and skills (mathematics, Polish, English)

Etap drugi

Student registration (on-line form)
Student’s participation in activities organized by the institution (trial day)

Etap trzeci

Presentation of the school readiness test result (enrollment to grade I)
Presentation of the certificate of completion of the previous grade or results of interim classification and additional student achievements (enrollment to grade II-VIII)
Payment of the tuition
Meeting with the School Head: completion of the recruitment process and signing the educational agreement