Educational offer

Constant contact with a teacher speaking English
Second foreign language – Spanish
Elements of children’s mathematics by Professor E. Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska
Mathematics in the world of Lego
A pitch, an indoor playground and a sports hall, a kitchen, a canteen, a library, a cinema room
Our own sensory integration workshop
Correction exercises within the tuition fee
Tuition includes:
  • Care for children from 7:00 to 18:00
  • Implementation of the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and TE Vizja extended program
    • English five times a week
    • Second foreign language – three times a week
    • Rhythmics twice a week with a specialist
    • Graphomotor exercises
    • Creative afternoon classes
    • Mathematics classes according to the method by E. Gruszczyk Kolczyńska
    • Classes using the Good Start Method by Professor Marta Bogdanowicz – once a week
    • 1 h socializing classes
  • Periodic activities – including:
    • “Kuchcikowo” culinary workshops
    • Nature workshops
    • “Little scientist” workshops
    • “Child’s world in a lens” photographic workshops
    • Origami workshops
    • “Leonardo” art workshops
    • Creative art classes
    • Drama
    • Play Doh Academy
    • Language gymnastics – group speech therapy classes
  • Breakfast, snack (second breakfast) and a two-course lunch, an afternoon tea or a snack included in the tuition fee.
  • Permanent access to drinks.
Additional fees:
  • Specialist additional activities – according to the price list provided in the extranet
  • Cost of tickets to cinemas, theaters, cultural institutions, etc.
  • Cost of transport by public transport or coach to kindergarten events
  • Individual classes with a speech therapist, psychologist, and educator
  • Accident insurance – the parents pay the premium cost or provide a statement about resignation from insurance with a photocopy of the policy confirming that the student has accident insurance outside the school