Educational offer


  • with extended curriculum in humanities (extended Polish, civics and history)

  • with extended curriculum in mathematics and IT (extended mathematics and IT)

  • with extended curriculum in biology and chemistry (extended biology, chemistry and physics).

Extended curricula are introduced starting from grade one of the secondary school of general education (3-year secondary school) or from grade two (4-year secondary school). Grades I and II include one hour of bilingual classes related to the extended curricula:

  • Extended curriculum in humanities – Academic Writing (grade I), British and American Literature (grade II)

  • Extended curriculum in mathematics and IT – IT (grade I), Computer Graphics (grade II)

  • Extended curriculum in biology and chemistry – Science Lab (grade I), Biotechnology (grade II)

Secondary school graduation grade – additional classes preparing for the secondary school final exams according to the subject declared (2h/week)
Once a semester students participate in the organized Oxford-style debate
For the entire duration of education we ensure additional classes for all grades with extended curricula to compensate for program differences and extra-curricular classes of choice aimed at developing students’ interests
Extended English in each grade, division into groups (5 hours a week plus 1 hour with a native speaker)
Second foreign language (Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian): 3 hours a week (a condition for opening a group with a second language is at least 6 students declaring participation in the group)
Modern building with a pitch and a sports hall
Friendly atmosphere of acceptance and cooperation between students and teachers based on the principles of self-governance and mentoring by teachers
Modern classrooms equipped in accordance with extended curricula: IT, biology and chemistry, mathematics, humanities, languages
Tuition inlcudes:
  • Implementation of the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and TE Vizja extended curriculum
  • Extended English
  • Second foreign language
  • Classes within extended curricula according to the selected extended curriculum
  • 2 additional classes to choose from free of charge
  • Support of an educator, a school psychologist
  • 1 optional lecture at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in a semester (visit at the University is possible from Monday to Sunday)


(optional, not included in the tuition, requires registration)

  • Two-course lunch
Additional fees:
  • Additional classes: exceeding the package of two classes – fully payable according to the startup costs
  • Cambridge exams and other language certificates
  • Optional sports classes: swimming pool/tennis/dance/martial arts/*third hour of PE
  • Organization of PE classes: 2 hours are carried out as mandatory classes. Third hour of PE classes is additional and is optional to be selected from the above-listed disciplines.
  • Access to Librus Synergia
  • Cost of tickets to cinemas, theaters, cultural institutions, etc.
  • Cost of travel by public transport or coach to school events
  • Domestic and foreign trips as well as overnight school trips and winter overnight school trips
  • Individual classes with a speech therapist, psychologist, and educator
  • Accident insurance – the parents pay the premium cost or provide a statement that the student has accident insurance outside the school (statement + photocopy of the policy)