Special Badge of the “Child’s Friend” for the Vizja Educational Society

Ladies and Gentlemen!


With great emotion I received the Special Badge of the “Child’s Friend” for the Vizja Educational Society ‘for the heart shown to children and help in creating conditions for successful development and a dignified life’. Decoration was awarded by the President of the Board of the Society of the Friends of Children, Mr. Wiesław Kołak. It took place during the inauguration ceremony of the school year, at the newly opened Vizja Educational Society’s International High School Vizja at Okopowa 59 street.

Such a distinction is a reward for everyday work for the entire Vizja Educational Society. For almost nine years of our activity, every day we do everything to meet the huge challenges posed by our students.
From the beginning, we try not only to take care for children’s development and create the best circumstances for it, but also to make them feel important and happy day-to-day. As the President of the Vizja Educational Society, I am glad that we were able to create such an unusual and child-friendly place, which they themselves call the school of dreams. I would like to express special thanks to  the entire teaching staff for the commitment to education and rising our students and also for their daily hard work. Each day of teacher’s work with students is a huge contribution to this award.
This badge is not only appreciation of our effort, but above all it motivates us to continue our work. We wish to still develop and change for the better to give our students proper progress opportunities, fulfill their ambitions
and make their dreams come true. Everything we do, we do for children – they give meaning to our work, and their smiles are our biggest award.


Marzena Godlewska
President of  Vizja Educational Society